Church Partnership


Kerith offers a partnership scheme to Churches in East Kilbride and beyond. For a reasonable monthly fee, we can provide your Fellowship access to a fast and reliable counselling service all year round. Individuals needing help will have the benefit of the service without any cost to themselves.  Each referral from you will receive 12 counselling sessions normally charged at £25 per hourly session. You will also receive a web link between your Church and Kerith. Your Church will also have a link on the Kerith Website.


The following partnership options are available.


Bronze                  £50 pm for three referrals per annum

Silver                    £65 pm for four referrals per annum

Gold                     £85 pm for six referrals per annum

Platinum              £100 for eight referrals per annum


Churches  using this partnership scheme find that when special support is required, access to a counselling service is of great value to their members and supports their vital pastoral care.


For more information, please call 01355 265826 and discuss with the counselling manager.